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Something for everyone

रुचीनां वैचित्र्यादृजुकुटिलनानापथजुषाम्
नृणामेको गम्यस्त्वमसि पयसामर्णव इव ||
- शिवमहिम्नःस्तोत्रम्

“Just like water from all rivers reach the sea following their own paths, straight or crooked, there are many paths to realise the ‘Absolute Truth’. You are the single destination”

Inspired by this, Vyoma is trying to do a humble Seva, where it can offer something for everyone through this 14 aspects.


‘To enable personal transformation in every individual, through ‘3S’ consciousness’ (3S = Samskritam-Samskriti -Samskara)*

Samskritam= Knowledge System
Samskriti= Culture and Heritage
Samskara= Values and Virtues

So our Seva offerings (consisting of various e-learning tools, courses, discourses, apps and events) generally have a menu, which has all the 3 ingredients in different proportion.

In this journey, we have two major types of learners:


In this journey, we have two major types of learners:

The Individual Learners(B2C)



School/College Students

School/College Students

University Students

University Students





Senior Citizens

Senior citizens

Special Children

Special children

The Institutional Learners(B2B)
(in pilot stages)

Through Digital Sanskrit Lab,we are trying to address the needs of various institutions

  • Kids

    Kids play home & Care centers

  • Schools Rural

    Schools -Rural, tribal or Government schools

  • Schools Urban


  • Colleges and University

    Colleges & Universities

  • Sanskrit Univesitites

    Sanskrit Universities & Institutions

  • Veda-Pathsalas


  • Schools for Special

    Schools for special children(Development & Behaviour need based)

(coming soon...)


Our individual learners are of:

7 different personae

Our greatest assets are our individual learners whose prayers and blessings are helping us grow. We try to provide unique learning avenue to these persona which suits their objective and proficiency


To support your learning, we have

6 unique modes

  • i.

    Self paced :

    Learning at your own pace using the 3 options viz.
    1. Personalised Learning Path
    2. Pre-designed Learning Programs
    3. Course/s of your choice

  • ii.

    Live webinars : Attending ongoing live webinars, to directly interact with the teacher and experience the knowledge bliss

  • iii.

    Blended : Learning at your own pace using Vyoma pre-recorded or completed courses

  • iv.

    1 on 1 : Specialised 1 on 1 classes based on availability & convenience of teachers and learners

  • v.

    Private Batch : Live online study circle for private batch of learners

  • vi.

    Personal Sanskrit Companion : Curriculum based, self-learning content, packaged for specific persona and objective


To help you continue the learning everywhere, we have

Easy 'technology ' ways

While a few elders are comfortable with the Compact Discs, there are a few who are happy with pen drives. Downloadable applications and web versions help people to access content across devices/platforms. For those who like to keep everything in their ‘finger-tips’, the M-learning approaches help a lot. And for someone who loves any form of book, we have both the kindle/ e-books and the paper based physical books. To keep up with the current technological progress, we are also working on Alexa and podcast Sevas.



Different levels of proficiency

are factored in the learning process


To start your most exciting Sanskrit learning journey, select one of the 3 options below.

Option 1
My Learning Path
“Can you help me create
My Learning Path?

One size fits one

Option 2
My Learning Program
Do you have specific
Learning Programs?

Curated by Experts​

Option 3
Course Image
I want to choose my

Explore ​


Some of us enjoy texts, some of us love videos and some of us appreciate audio content. Vyoma tools are designed to take care of the following types of learners

Visual learners

  • Pictures


  • VIdeos


  • charts


  • tables


  • presentations


Audio/ Musical learners

  • Rhymes, Bhajans, shlokas with simple music

  • Teacher-student mode & chanting mode

  • Courses & lectures available in Audio format

  • Stories & discourses

Reading/ Writing/ Textual learners

  • Books

  • e-Books

  • Supplementary reference/ exercise material in docs, ppts and pdfs

Kinaesthetic/ Physical Learning

  • Multimedia tools with activities, games, charts, etc.

  • Exercises & Assessments for certificate courses

  • Projects for select courses


Above all, our Vyoma Seva offerings would try to support you in every stage of learning as below


Attempting to answer the 4 golden questions

Why Sanskrit ?

Through the ‘Power of Sanskrit’ lecture series & through various other courses, the contemporary relevance of Sanskrit for health, memory, focus, ancient knowledge, spiritual wellness, mindfulness, Sciences in Sanskrit, life-purpose, etc. is being explored.

What Sanskrit ?

Through knowledge specific courses like Foundation of Sanathana Dharma, Lilavati etc., the spread and depth of Ancient Indian Wisdom is shared to answer, ‘What does Sanskrit contain’.

How Sanskrit ?

Through specially curated individual tools, courses, discourses and through learning paths & learning programs, Vyoma is trying to answer this question.

Where Sanskrit ?

A repository of links useful for Sanskrit enthusiasts is planned to be provided in one place in the Vyomalabs website.


Global Presence to serve

fountainhead in India


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