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व्योम - सनातन - विद्या -पाठशाला

Vyoma Sanatana Vidya Pathasala (VSVP)

Vyoma Sanatana Vidya Pathasala is a program for children in the age group of 6-13 years. It is a daily online curriculum that has been designed as a systematic three-staged program in the subjects covering Samskrita - Samskriti - Samskara (SSS), the stages being: 1. Shravanananda (Listen) 2. Vicharananda (Think) 3. Acharananda (Experience) and each stage running to around 1.5 years.

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Schedule of Classes

About the Course

What will you gain from this course?

VSVP aims at creating a regular and systematic exposure to SSS every weekday to create a positive impact on children.

This will help them imbibe the teachings and incorporate the learnings into their everyday lives.

This will help in the overall personal development of the children. 

This will enable the children to take up learning Sanskrit or learning Indic Knowledge Systems as their mission or a career choice.

This will also enhance the family’s cultural values and create an ecosystem to help society.

These future torch bearers, thereby become more contributors than consumers in society.

What are the subjects taught ?

  • Sanskrit
  • Shlokas & Stotras
  • Stories (Puranas, Itihasas, Panchatantra, Festivals, Saints & Role models of Bharat, Temple Architecture, Sthala Puranas)
  • Indian Culture Concepts (Why We Do What We Do) 
  • Bhajans, Sanskrit Rhymes & Sanskrit Songs.
  • Activities & Quizzes related to Bharatiya Samskriti

Periodically, we will be arranging  Guest Lectures  by experts and motivational speakers in line with SSS. These will be accommodated within the scheduled hours, approximately once a month.

What are the materials/support you get?

  • Children will have access to multimedia, audio, video, textbooks and worksheets to support their learning.
  • Children also have access to recordings of classes (both audio and video) anytime for repeated listening or catching up with the missed portions.
  • Children have the support of being mentored by passionate and dedicated teachers.
  • End to end support from the Vyoma admin team.

What are the books and learning materials that would be followed?


Mandatory learning materials to be purchased : 

Note: The suggested cost of multimedia learning products & textbooks (of Vyoma) along with a 'Web access' fee is Rs. 8888 /- per year. Reference books from other publications that are recommended have to be purchased separately.

What are the prerequisites to get the best out of this course? 

  • Children aged 6 – 13 years are eligible to join.
  • The key eligibility is the child’s interest, sincerity, and commitment to learning by prioritizing time and putting in the required effort.
  • 100% commitment from the parents is expected.
  • Punctuality and Regularity are to be followed by the students.

    We humbly request the learners to check the above prerequisites and enroll for this course.

Visual Design Vyoma Sanatana Vidya Pathasala (VSVP)

About the Teacher

Know More about the Course

These are live sessions offered online during the weekday evenings on an everyday basis. According to the subjects chosen by the students, classes will be for 3-5 hours a week.
There are 3 stages to this program - 1. Shravanananda (Listen) 2. Vicharananda (Think) 3. Acharananda (Experience). 
Each stage is interconnected and takes the child gradually through the steps of learning. Every child gains knowledge first through listening, then applies his/her thought process to understand better and finally experiences by living the teaching.
Type: This is an after-school/ extra-curricular program offered as an Online course.
Subjects taught:
Sanskrit, Shlokas ( core ) -  Mandatory
Sanskrit Bhajans/Shishugeetaani, Stories of Indic wisdom, Indian Cultural Concepts, Activity hour (electives)
Note: Sanskrit and Shlokas/Stotras are to be taken up by the students compulsorily.
Apart from the two, a student can choose one or more elective subjects mentioned above. 
We will be shortlisting only select students for the program.
We shall also conduct the program only if a sizable number of parents express their commitment and get selected after the interview. 
We shall do a separate batch for USA provided there are minimum numbers. 

Dr. Venkatasubramanian P

Academic Director

Shri. Viswanathan P

Concept and Team Mentor

Dr. Sowmya Krishnapur 

Linguistic Director 
Smt. Anusha Haricharan Team Lead, Program implementer and Exam Controller
Smt. Sowmya Nagaraj Sanskrit & Shloka Teacher
Smt. Saranya Moorthy Purana & Itihasa Story Teller
Smt. Rajalakshmi Nandakumar Indian Cultural Concepts Teacher
Kum. Vasudha Srinath Bhajans & Shishugeetaani Teacher, E - Learning Administrator 
Smt. Sathyabama V Spoken Sanskrit Teacher
Shri. Kiran Bhat Spoken Sanskrit Teacher
Smt. Vani Kadur Sanskrit & Story Teller
Smt. Krithiga Sriram Activity Teacher
Smt. Anushri Natarajan Sanskrit & Shloka Teacher
Smt. Shubha Prasad Bhajans Teacher

Smt. Bhavani Ganesh

Sanskrit Teacher
Students will be assessed twice for each level (mid-year assessment and final assessment) in all subjects.

A certificate will be provided upon successful completion of each level of the program. Also, a holistic report will be shared by the mentor/teacher with the parents at the end of each level of the program.

Some of the interesting add-ons for the students would be:

  • Valuable gift sponsors/prizes that would aid in further learning.
  • Internship or volunteering opportunities at Vyoma Labs will be offered for the eligible students.
  • An online - Annual Day will be conducted for the students once every year with a variety of programs.
  • Live videos from temples & important festivals like temple car Utsav etc will be showcased in order to give the children an idea of these devotional events that happen around the year and help them understand the power of Samskara.
The fee structure comprises two components, namely the cost of Vyoma's learning materials that will be provided and a 'Web access' fee for accessing these.
This will amount to a contribution of Rs.8888/- per year.
Note: - For users abroad, the fee is $300.

Why should I enroll my child in Vyoma Sanatana Vidya Pathasala?

  • Vyoma Sanatana Vidya Pathasala lays a strong foundation for your child’s study of Sanskrit.
  • It also exposes your child to our rich culture and heritage, which will help your child to have the right Samskaras to stay rooted in our Samskriti.
  • Vyoma is the only place where your child can get SSS (Samskrita - Samskriti -Samskara) in one place.

How is Vyoma Sanatana Vidya Pathasala different from other similar reputed learning systems?

  • The authenticity of course content.
  • Experienced & Knowledgeable teachers to mentor the children.
  • Availability of fun and activity-based multimedia products that make the children enjoy learning.

What is the commitment needed from parents?

  • Help your child to be regular and punctual.
  • Help to set up a conducive online study place which they can use for these sessions.
  • Stay connected with the teachers.

Do the children have holidays and vacations?

  • Hindu Festivals & National holidays will be observed as holidays.
  • Vacation will be given when the annual school exams occur and 2-3 weeks of break will be given during summer.
  • The exact dates will be based on the data that we get from you, according to the academic system in the country where you reside.

What is the overall culture of  Vyoma Sanatana Vidya Pathasala?

  • It provides an environment for continuous learning.
  • It is well-mannered, Disciplined, Traditional & Structured in all aspects.
  • We are driven by the cause of prachara of Samskrita-Samskriti-Samskara.

Will I be able to join the course in between?

  • For best results, it is recommended that your child is part of the course right from the beginning. Registration for this course will close by 8th September 2022.

Can you throw some light on attendance criteria with respect to certification?

  • An attendance record will be duly maintained and students who secure the attendance of 80% and above in attending a minimum of 3 subjects per week will only be eligible for the certificate.

What will not be taught in Vyoma Sanatana Vidya Pathasala?

  • Veda Mantras and Vedic Chanting will not be taught. Plus, we do not come in the way of you and your religious practices at home nor influence your child in any manner to not follow them.

Does this learning affect my child’s regular academics in any way?

  • This Pathasala does not come in the way of the usual academic studies taken by children.
  • However, it aims at creating a regular and systematic exposure to SSS in the evening hours (dusk-Sandhya hour).

Where can we get the detailed syllabus?

  •  The detailed syllabus will be shared with selected students after the interview process.

Where can I purchase the study materials for the course?

  • Details about the materials and books to be purchased will be intimated later.

Will children be sorted to the levels based on age, or previous exposure or both? Can they choose or does Vyoma allot ? Do they have to join from the beginning or can they join the second or third levels directly?

  • All beginners irrespective of the age will be recommended to begin with level 1- Shravanananda. However, if there are students who already have a good exposure to Vyoma's regular kids persona courses and other previous exposure to Sanskrit, we will help to decide the level for the child on a case to case basis.

I love stories, videos & games - am I getting these here?

  • The multimedia tools developed by Vyoma have lovely, animated stories and have many interactive games, worksheets, and quizzes. We are sure that you would enjoy them.

I like my friends to attend these sessions. Are they attending?

  • We have a large database of children with whom we have shared about this learning program.
  • So you will make new friends online and you are most welcome to refer to your
    like-minded friends too.

Will I be getting any gifts & prizes?

  • You will be rewarded interesting prizes on participation in the events that we organize.

Will the learning process and memorization of shlokas be very hard?

  • As per the system designed by us, revision of the shlokas will be done sufficiently in class which would make memorization easy.

Is there any admonition? What is everyday motivation?

  • We have a friendly set of teachers who are very passionate about mentoring and will facilitate the learning process in interesting ways.
Day & Time Subjects
Monday (6:00PM - 7:00PM IST)  Sanskrit Bhajans & Shishugeetaani/ Guest Lecture
Tuesday  (6:00PM - 7:00PM IST) Stories
Wednesday  (6:00PM - 7:00PM IST) Sanskrit
Thursday  (6:00PM - 7:00PM IST) Indian cultural concepts WWD, Activities
Friday  (6:00PM - 7:00PM IST) Shlokas

Course Content

To access the content please enrol to the course and go to ‘My Account’/ Learning page.