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Vyaktiviveka, a treatise on Sahityashastra, written by Rajanaka Mahima Bhatta. This landmark work establishes the Anumana theory of explaining suggestion. This work is not so popular among Sahitya enthusiasts due to the extensive use of Nyaya and it’s refutation of the most popular Dhvani theory propounded by Anandavardhana/Dhvanikara. Yet, every scholar studies this text to understand the failure of Anumana theory in Sahitya. Vyaktiviveka represent one of the great reactions among the works criticizing the doctrine of Dhvani theory propounded by the Dhvanyaloka. Mahima Bhatta wrote this Vyaktiviveka most probably two centuries later of Anandavardhana’s Dhvanyaloka, when Anandavardhana’s philosophy of poetics has been widely accepted in Sanskrit Poetics.In this course, Smt. Visalakshi Sankaran provides a detailed explanation in Tamil.

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  • Understand the meanings from teachers directly.
  • Appreciation of proficient and basic grammatical aspects of Sanskrit literature.

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  • About 7 Pre-recorded videos which you can access anytime, from any device.
  • Doubt clarifications through email.

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  • Basic knowledge of Sanskrit language and Devanagari script.
  • Ability to understand simple spoken Tamil.

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Vyaktiviveka is a unique rhetorical work in Sanskrit literature, quoted by such eminent authors as Mahima Bhatta, the 12th Century Kashmiri poetician. In terms of singular outspokenness, fearless criticism, and utter disregard of contemporary opinion, few rhetoricians can compare with Mahima Bhatta. He wrote his well known work at a time when the critical spirit was at the highest pitch, and his courageous exposure of the prevailing schools of thought and his daring attempt to set up an original school in their stead are commendable.
The gist of Vyaktiviveka is briefly as what is known as (i.e. the suggestive sense of a word or the word itself). Vyakti - does not obtain in the case of Vastu, Alankara and Rasadi which are only derivative significances. For, Vyakti is the manifestation of that which is desired to be manifested and which becomes manifest along with what manifests. Of these, Vastu and Alankara are not comprehended along with the (literal sense) but only afterwards. In Vyaktiviveka Mahima Bhatta explains व्यञ्जक (i.e. the suggestive sense of a word or the word itself),व्यञ्जकत्व (sugggestiveness), व्यक्ति (suggestion), व्यङ्ग्य. Also, this is divided into 3 chapters, the chapters are known as Vimarsha.
Prathamavimarsha of vyaktiviveka will be explained in this course. which includes Literature and Grammatical aspects of Sanskrit language.
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