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सप्ताह-स्तोत्र-सङ्ग्रहः - प्रतिदिनं पारायणार्थं श्लोकाः (कन्नडभाषया  ई-पुस्तकम्)

Saptaha Stotra Sangraha - Build a daily habit of Prayer (Kannada Flipbook)

A flipbook (Non-downloadable E-book format with easy navigation for a comfortable online reading experience) with a collection of 360 shlokas organised into day-wise sections based on deities, for maximum benefits. It contains specific stotras to be narrated each daya, along with general prayers at the beginning and end of daily parayana. The verses are given in Kannada script, along with a simple meaning in Kannada

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Book in Kannada (ಕನ್ನಡ).


  • Compiled, with care and devotion, to include 360 unique ślokās (to provide 360-degree protection to the individual chanting these ślokās daily)
  • Ślokās for each day of the week – specific to the deities of the day resulting in attaining specific benefits. Includes the meaning of ślokās to provide deeper & divine involvement.


  •   Enhances memory
  •   Ability to use the right word for the right context
  •   Improves sentence construction ability
  •   Improves analytical and competitive skills


Visual Design Saptaha Stotra Sangraha - Build a daily habit of Prayer (Kannada Flipbook)

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