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श्रीरामरक्षास्तोत्रम् - पारायणाभ्यासः

Learn to Chant Sri Rama Raksha Stotram

Sri Rama Raksha Stotra is a powerful stotra composed by Rishi Budha Koushika. The main body of the stotra contains prayers to Bhagavan Srirama for protection of various organs of the body. 'Rama Raksha' literally means 'Srirama's protection'. Sri Rama Raksha Stotra is the most robust cure to all problems. It destroys all sins and grants all desires. The vocal energy generated after the recitation of Sri Rama Raksha Stotra is thought to create a protective shield around a person. In this course, Smt. Sowmya Nagaraj teaches the shlokas of Sri Rama Raksha Stotra, ensuring that devotees are able to chant it with correct pronunciation.

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About the Course

What will you gain from this course? (Key Benefits / Learning Outcomes)

  • Significant improvement in Samskrita reading, chanting and pronunciation skills under the guidance of an expert teacher
  • Ability to chant the stotra independently with uccharana-shuddhata (good pronunciation and diction)
  • By chanting the stotra with bhakti, experience the benefit of all-round protection offered by the sacred names of Srirama
  • Numerous benefits of chanting have been shared previously by learners, encompassing physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects

What are the materials/support you get?

  • Text of the stotra in various scripts, verified by Sanskrit scholars and experts
  • Live, interactive e-learning sessions
  • Opportunities to raise doubts and get them clarified directly from the teacher during the webinar or through email
  • All time access to recordings  (both video and audio) for repeated listening, practice or for catching up with classes
  • Presentations used for the classes in PDF format

What are the pre-requisites to get the best out of this course? (Eligibility)

  • This course expects no previous exposure to Sanskrit language
  • Knowing the Devanagari script is beneficial for understanding the finer nuances of pronunciation. (Please note that the verses will be displayed both in Devanagari and English (diacritics) during the live webinar sessions)
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