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श्रीवेदान्तदेशिकविरचितं रामायणसङ्ग्रहरूपं –श्रीरघुवीरगद्यम् (पारायणाभ्यासः)

Raghuveera Gadyam of Sri Vedanta Deshika (Recitation / Parayana lessons)

This is a completed webinar course for learning the recitation of “Sri Raghuveera-Gadyam”. This is a marvellous Gadyam (prose) by Sri Vedanta-Desikacharya which succinctly summarizes the Adi-kavyam, Srimad-Ramayanam of Maharshi Valimiki. In a glorious stream of flowing epithets, Sri Vedanta Desika describes the valour and majesty of Lord Rama. This text is highly venerated and is ideal for daily parayana practice. In this course, Smt. Brunda Karanam teaches to recite the Raghuveera Gadyam with good pronunciation and proper split-points.

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Key benefits of the course -

  1. Learn the accurate pronunciation of Sri Raghuveera-Gadyam, with adherence to the basic rules of Samskrta Vyakaranam/ Shiksha.
  2. Experience power of Rama Bhakthi through the words of Swami Vedanta Desikan in simple flowing tune.
  3. Boost your Samskrtam-reading and pronunciation skills.
  4. Incidental physical & mental benefits include:-
    • Enhanced breath control (provides pranayama effect).
    • Augmented memory, focus and concentration (through chanting & memorizing lengthy words).
    • Promotes mindfulness, composure and peace of mind.
Visual Design Raghuveera Gadyam of Sri Vedanta Deshika (Recitation / Parayana lessons)

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