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श्यामलादण्डकम् - आङ्ग्ल-तात्पर्य-सहितम्

Experience the poetic beauty of Shyamaladandakam (English Explanation)

Shyamaladandakam is a work written in praise of the Divine Mother by Mahakavi Kalidasa. It contains long compounds that are quite difficult to comprehend at the outset. However, once understood, the work brings delight to the hearts of the learners. This course will enable the learners to understand and appreciate the beauty of this work. In this course Smt. Vishnupriya Srinivasan will give a detailed explanation in English.

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About the Course

What will you gain from this course? (Key Benefits / Learning Outcomes)

  • Complete understanding of the text with padaccheda and anvaya.

  • Exposure to one of the most profound works in praise of the Divine Mother. 

  • Exposure to poetic elements of the text.

What are the materials/support you get?

  • Live, interactive sessions with opportunities to raise your doubts and get them clarified directly from the teacher.

  • Access to recordings of classes (both Video and Audio) which is available anytime for repeated listening or catching up with missed portions.

  • PDF notes of portions covered in class will be available.

  • Authentic text of the gadya in 6 scripts (Devanagari, English, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam).

What are the prerequisites to get the best out of this course? (Eligibility)

  • Good knowledge of Sanskrit language and grammar. 

  • Ability to understand spoken English.

Visual Design Experience the poetic beauty of Shyamaladandakam  (English Explanation)

About the Teacher

Know More about the Course

Mahakavi Kalidasa is one of the greatest figures in Samskrita literature. Each of his works is a masterpiece, overflowing with beauty and grace. He wrote many great dramas like Malavikagnimitra, Vikramorvashiya and Abhijnana Shakuntala and great mahakaavyas like Raghuvamsha and Kumarasambhavam. Shyamaladandakam is a stotra in dandakam form written by him praising the mother-goddess Shyamala. Dandakam is that poetry where some of the lines have more than 26 syllables. It very much resembles prose.

Meaning of complete Shyamaladandakam will be covered. 

Course Content

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