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शब्दरूपसङ्ग्रहः - भागः २ (हलन्त-सामान्यशब्दाः, सर्वनामशब्दाः)

Learn Shabdaroopas - Level 2 (Common Halanta words and Pronouns)

A multimedia tool to learn shabdarupas. The tool contains audios in both teaching and repetition mode, in sync with the script on screen. There are also helpful indices to navigate based on meaning or alphabetical order. Second level of the 5-part tool contains 48 Noun forms with Audio and script (Common halanta shabdas and special ajanta shabdas).

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About the Course

What will you gain from this course? (Key Benefits / Learning Outcomes)

  • Master the forms of 48 important shabdas.
  • Perfect your pronunciation using the teacher-student repetition mode with synchronized script.
  • Commit the shabdas to long-term memory using the chanting mode for regular revision.

What are the materials/support you get?
  • Multimedia tool with synchronized audio and script for 48 shabdas.
  • Introduction, glossary, and alphabetic indices of shabdas.
  • Doubt clarifications through Email.

What are the prerequisites to get the best out of this course? (Eligibility)
  • Knowledge of Devanagari script is required.
Visual Design Learn Shabdaroopas - Level 2 (Common Halanta words and Pronouns)

About the Teacher

Know More about the Course

48 shabdas are covered in this course
1) जलमुच् (पुं)
2) वणिज् (पुं)
3) मरुत् (पुं)
4) धीमत् (पुं)
5) सुहृद् (पुं)
6) आत्मन् (पुं)
7) गुणिन् (पुं)
8) महत् (पुं)
9) राजन् (पुं)
10 ) वाच् (स्त्री)
11) स्रज् (स्त्री)
12) सरित् (स्त्री)
13) शरद् (स्त्री)
14) मनस् (नपुं)
15) कर्मन् (नपुं)
16) नामन् (नपुं)
17) इदम् (पुं)
18) इदम् (स्त्री)
19) इदम् (नपुं)
20) अदस् (पुं)
21) अदस् (स्त्री)
22) अदस् (नपुं)
23) भवत् (पुं)
24) भवती (स्त्री)
25) सखि (पुं)
26) पति (पुं)
27) श्रीपति (पुं)
28) नृ (पुं)
29) धेनु (स्त्री)
30) वधू (स्त्री)
31) भू (स्त्री)
32) गो (पुं)
33) गो (स्त्री)
34) रै (पुं)
35) रै (स्त्री)
36) ग्लौ (पुं)
37) नौ (स्त्री)
38) शुचि (नपुं)
39) मृदु (नपुं)
40) दातृ (नपुं)
41) अम्बा (स्त्री)
42) श्री (स्त्री)
43) स्त्री (स्त्री)
44) लक्ष्मी (स्त्री)
45) पचत् (पुं)
46) राज् (पुं)
47) क्षुध् (स्त्री)
48) वपुस् (नपुं)
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