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नित्योपयोगिसंस्कृतपदानां परिचयः भागः – २

Sanskrit Vocabulary for Daily Use - Part 2

This free webinar course is designed to build your children’s Sanskrit Vocabulary as a joyful journey. This course will help in learning words from different categories like food,things in our home, clothes, education,cooking instruments,dwelling places, public places, professions, relations & emotions and also a list of verbs that can be used associatively with the different noun categories to help read and form simple sentences. The course is delivered by Smt. Anusha Haricharan and Kum. Vasudha Srinath, with the help of interactive, activity-based multimedia tool developed by Vyoma Labs.

Courses will repeat in the next academic cycle.

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About the Course

Making Learning Fun,  we welcome you to this course, where we teach you Sanskrit in the most playful, easy, and quick way!


What will you gain from this course? (Key Benefits / Learning Outcomes)

  • Empower your child to speak in Sanskrit through simple words.
  • Joyful classes with the most experienced teachers.
  • Learn Sanskrit words and the facts behind them.
  • Help them develop a love for this amazing language of Sanskrit.
  • Give your child exposure to beginner-level reading materials that help them associate and remember the Sanskrit words easily.
  • Engage them in a fun- way of learning through our thoughtfully crafted vocabulary games.

Comprehensive learning kit for the Course - to be purchased mandatorily to attend the classes -

  • Sanskrit Vocabulary Builder Book (Available as Hard Copy / Online Flipbook version)
  • Vocabulary Builder Part 1 Multimedia Tool ( Downloadable version)
  • Vocabulary Builder Part 2 Multimedia Tool ( Downloadable version)

Once you purchase the learning kit, you will get access to the learning kit and the link to join this course. If you had already bought either one of the products or the combo product, please write to us at [email protected] with the proof of purchase.

What are the materials/support you get?

  • About 16 live sessions with opportunities for interaction with the teacher.
  • Presentations used for the classes in PDF format after the class.
  • Doubt clarifications directly and through Email.

What are the prerequisites to get the best out of this course? (Eligibility)

  • Children from 5 up to 14 years can participate (parents may accompany where required)
  • No prior knowledge of Sanskrit is required. However, knowing to read the Sanskrit alphabet is an added advantage to self-play the games. Even otherwise, it will be a guided effort. The medium of instruction will be English.

Visual Design Sanskrit Vocabulary for Daily Use - Part 2

About the Teacher

Know More about the Course

The Vocabulary builder is a well-researched product of Vyoma Labs available in book format as well as an e-product that exhaustively covers the nouns in Sanskrit language and is grouped under 39 different categories for relating easily.
In Part-2 of this course , we’ll be coverings 10-12 topics from the Vocabulary Builder – Part 1 and Part 2
Sanskrit Vocabulary Builder – Part 1 is a self-paced product based on flash-card learning. It has 18 categories with 650+ words and synonyms. Meanings for words are given in English and Hindi.
It covers –
01. देवतावर्गः – Gods
02. ग्राम्यमृगवर्गः – Domestic Animals
03. वन्यमृगवर्गः – Wild Animals
04. जलमृगवर्गः – Aquatic Animals
05. पक्षिवर्गः – Birds
06. फलवर्गः – Fruits
07. शाकवर्गः – Vegetables
08. शरीरवर्गः – Parts of the Body
09. वर्णवर्गः – Colors
10. वाहनवर्गः – Vehicles
11. भोज्यपदार्थवर्गः – Food
12. गृहवर्गः – Home
13. विद्युदुपकरणवर्गः -Electrical Appliances
14. वस्त्रवर्गः – Clothes
15. विद्यालयवर्गः – Education
16. पाकोपकरणवर्गः – Cooking Instruments
17. कीटवर्गः – Insects
18. क्रियापदवर्गः – Verbs
Again, Sanskrit Vocabulary Builder – Part 2 is a self-paced product also based on flash-card learning. It has 21 categories with 870+ words and synonyms. Meanings for words are given in both English and Hindi.
It covers –
01. सम्बन्धवर्गः – Relations
02. वृत्तिवर्गः – Professions
03. भाववर्गः – Emotions
04. वासस्थानवर्गः – Dwelling Places
05. सार्वजनिकस्थानवर्गः – Public Places
06. कार्यालयवर्गः – Office
07. यन्त्रवर्गः – Machinery
08. सङ्गणकवर्गः – Computer
09. संख्यावर्गः– Numbers
10. आकृतिवर्गः– Shapes
11. कृषिवर्गः – Agriculture
12. वृक्षसस्यवर्गः– Trees and plants
13. पुष्पवर्गः – Flowers
14. पत्रवर्गः – Leaves
15. धान्यवर्गः– Grains
16. क्रीडावर्गः – Sports
17. वाद्यवर्गः – Musical Instruments
18. दिग्वर्गः – Directions
19. कालवर्गः – Time
20. प्रकृतिवर्गः – Nature
21. प्राकृतिकक्रियावर्गः – Natural Occurrences  
These products help in the following ways –
  • Enhance memory,
  • Improve childrens' ability to use the right word for the right context,
  • Improve sentence construction ability,
  • Improve analytical and competitive skills and so on.
Note:- The course shall attempt to cover 10-12 categories from the above. 

Course Content

To access the content please enrol to the course and go to ‘My Account’/ Learning page.