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काशिकावृत्तिः - अष्टाध्यायीक्रमेण पाणिनीयव्याकरणस्य गभीरमध्ययनम् 

Mastery of Paninian Grammar through Kashikavritti

Kashika is one of the oldest available texts of the Paninian tradition, and is highly respected by scholars for providing a comprehensive explanation of the sutras with examples, retaining the sequence and structure of the Ashtadhyayi. Vid. Vaishnava Simha explains the source text, line by line, including insights from commentaries according to the context.

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About the Course

What will you gain from this course? (Key Benefits / Learning Outcomes)

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of each Paninian sutra.
  • Appreciate the importance of the order and arrangement of Sutras in the Ashtadhyayi.
  • Analyse the development of Vyakarana thought through time and appreciate the structure and depth of Ashtadhyayi – the oldest “programming language” of the world.

What are the materials/support you get?

  • Pre-recorded videos which you can access anytime, from any device.
  • Doubt clarifications through Email.
  • Presentations used for the classes in PDF format.

What are the pre-requisites to get the best out of this course? (Eligibility)

  • This course is meant for advanced students who have already learned the basic concepts of Paninian grammar through texts like Laghukaumudi / Prathamavritti / Siddhanta Kaumudi.
  • Ability to understand shastric Samskrit is compulsory.
  • Willingness to devote at least 3-4 hours per week for self-study in addition to class time.
Visual Design Mastery of Paninian Grammar through Kashikavritti

About the Teacher

Know More about the Course

The first Chapter of Kashikavrutti प्रत्याहाराः is covered in this course with reference to Nyasa occasionally. There are 14 Maheshvarasutras called variously as अक्षरसमाम्नाय, प्रत्याहारसूत्राणि, which are the base for all the 4000 Paninian sutras. The use of each pratyaharas are discussed in this chapter and first pada.
In second pada, ङित्वद्भाव-कित्वद्भावविधानम्, ह्रस्वदीर्घप्‍लुतसंज्ञाविधानम्, उदात्तादिसंज्ञाविधानम्, स्वरप्रकरणम्, कानिचन संज्ञासूत्राणि, प्रातिपदिकसंज्ञाप्रकरणम्, ह्रस्वविधानम्, व्यक्तिवद्भावविधानम्, अशिष्यप्रकरणम्, एक-द्वि-बहुवचनविधानम्, एकशेषप्रकरणम् all these prakaranas will be covered.

Course Content

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