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देवनागरी लिपिः - पठन-लेखनाभ्यासः

Learn Devanagari Script for Samskritam

Devanagari is an ancient Indian script which has been the most widely used script for representing Samskrita since several centuries. It belongs to the old and famous Brahmi family of scripts. This script is also used to write a wide variety of languages like Prakrit, Hindi, Marathi, Nepali etc. It closely follows the Lipi Shastra and is very scientific in its usage. This course aims to provide guidance in learning the Devanagari script. The direction of writing, shape and proportion of the alphabets (called varna-s) will be covered in this interactive course.

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About the Course

What will you gain from this course? (Key Benefits / Learning Outcomes)

  • Learn how to write Devanagari letters in a proper way.
  • Ability to recognize the letters of primarily Sanskrit and other languages that use Devanagari script.
  • Get an overview about the usage of Devanagari letters for beginners.

What are the materials/support you get?

  • Live, interactive sessions with opportunities to raise your doubts and get them clarified directly from the teacher.
  • Access to recordings of classes (both Video and Audio) which you can access anytime for repeated listening or catching up with missed portions.
  • Presentations used for the classes in PDF format.

What are the prerequisites to get the best out of this course? (Eligibility)

  • Interested learners of all age groups, who wish to learn the proper Devanagari script.
  • Ability to understand simple English
  • Prior basic exposure to Sanskrit language may be an added advantage.
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About the Teacher

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    Learn to write basic (Varnamala), Oral and Consonant combination (Gunitaksharas),  Consonant and Consonant combination letters (Samyuktaksharas) in Devanagari. 

    Course Content

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