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ध्यानादिसमन्विता-सम्पूर्णभगवद्गीतायाः  अनूच्चारणप्रक्रियासंयुक्ताः दृश्यांशाः

Learn authentic pronunciation of Bhagavad Gita: Teacher Student Mode (With Anucharanam / karaoke)

This is a humble attempt by the Vyoma team of scholars, to provide one of the most authentic pronunciations of the Bhagavad Gita, in the Teacher-Student Karaoke Mode. Here we can see the synchronized text in both Sanskrit and English and follow the teacher’s chanting. It is easier than ever to learn to chant the Bhagavad Gita correctly, with bhaava and devotion. Just follow the text on screen and repeat after the teacher to learn the verses easily.

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About the Course

What will you gain from this course? (Key Benefits / Learning Outcomes)

  • Learn all 18 chapters along with the Dhyanashloka, Mangalam and Mahatmyam, with special focus on pronunciation and chanting.
  • Achieve accurate pronunciation of each letter in Sanskrit and Improve concentration and focus.
  • Understand easily the distinction between related sounds.
  • Experience the energy resulting from proper chanting of Sanskrit syllable.

What are the materials/support you get?

  • 21 videos of karaoke with text which you can access anytime for repeated listening or catching up with missed portions.
  • Doubt clarifications through Email.

What are the pre-requisites to get the best out of this course? (Eligibility)

  • All who want to learn to chant the Gita shlokas in an authentic way, and for those who want to memorize the entire Gita.
  • Chanting is the first step towards undertaking deeper spiritual inquiry and self-discovery by understanding the meaning of the Gita.
Visual Design Learn authentic pronunciation of Bhagavad Gita: Teacher Student Mode (With Anucharanam / karaoke)

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