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लघुसिद्धान्तकौमुदी - पञ्चसन्ध्यन्तम्

Laghu Siddhanta Kaumudi - Panchasandhyantam

A course covering the initial chapters of Laghu Siddhanta Kaumudi of Varadaraja, one of the most popular basic texts of Paninian Grammar. Covers the first 200 sutras of the text. Contains Audios + supporting PPTs.

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About the Course

What will you gain from this course? (Key Benefits / Learning Outcomes)

  • Sutra-by-Sutra understanding of Sandhyantaprakarana of Laghu siddhantakaumudi.
  • Ability to join and split different sandhis according to Paninian system.
  • Appreciation of arguments presented in the commentaries and shastric method of developing arguments and building siddhanta.

What are the materials/support you get?

  • 56 Audio recordings (in mp3 format) of webinars conducted a few years ago, accompanied by the teacher notes (in pdf format), which you can access anytime, from any device.
  • Presentations used for the classes in PDF format
  • Doubt clarifications through Email.

What are the pre-requisites to get the best out of this course? (Eligibility)

  • Students who have learnt basic language skills and wish to improve their language through a systematic study of Grammar.
  • Students who have passed the informal language-learning exams and wish to enter into the study of any shaastras or advanced literature in Sanskrit.
  • Students pursuing undergraduate courses in Sanskrit where Laghu Siddhanta Kaumudi is part of the syllabus.
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About the Teacher

Know More about the Course

Sandhyantaprakarana of Laghusiddhantakaumudi is taught in this course. 200 sutras of Ashtadhyayi will be covered with reference to Laghu siddhanta kaumudi. Some portion of Ajanta pumlinga prakarana is also covered by this course.

1. संज्ञाप्रकरणम् – Covers the basic technical terms of Vyakarana, including इत्संज्ञा, division of svaras, स्थान-प्रयत्न elaboration for all letters, concept of सवर्ण

2. अच्सन्धिप्रकरणम् – covers rules concerned with modification of अच् letters. 7 sandhis – यण्सन्धि, यान्तवान्तादेशसन्धि, गुणसन्धि, वृद्धिसन्धि, पररूपसन्धि, पूर्वरूपसन्धि and सवर्णदीर्घसन्धि are covered, including some rules on prohibition of Sandhi (प्रकृतिभाव)

3. हल्सन्धिप्रकरणम् – covers aadeshas and aagamas for consonant letters, with detailed rules for श्चुत्वसन्धि, ष्टुत्वसन्धि, जश्त्वसन्धि, अनुनासिकसन्धि, परसवर्णसन्धि, पूर्वसवर्णसन्धि, चर्त्वसन्धि, छत्वसन्धि, अनुस्वारसन्धि, कुक्-टुक्-धुट्-तुक्-ङमुट्-सुट् आगमाः

4. विसर्गसन्धिप्रकरणम् – covers the modifications of visarga, and also sandhis which don’t involve visarga directly but are commonly identified as visargasandhi.
There is no certificate offered currently for this course by Vyoma.

Course Content

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