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Foundations of Tarkashastra

Sages Kanada and Gautama have enumerated and explained the elementary categories (padartha-s) of nature in Nyaya and Vaisheshika Shastra-s. The combination of that which has been discussed by these 2 sages is the subject matter of the Tarkashastra. Similar to Vyakarana, Tarkashastra is considered a meta-discipline, whose knowledge is essential for studying any other shastra. In this course, Dr. Sathyanarayana C T explains briefly the basic concepts and terminology of Tarkashastra in Sanskrit.

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About the Course

Certificate course

What will you gain from this course? (Key Benefits / Learning Outcomes)

  • Get a good grounding in the basic concepts and terms of Tarka Shastra.
  • Understand the characteristics of 7 padaartha-s, 9 dravya-s and 24 guna-s.
  • Equip yourself to study primers of Tarkashastra like Tarkasangraha / Tarkabhasha.

Note: This course does not cover any specific text of Tarkashastra, it covers aspects and terms which are common to all texts of this shastra. 

What are the materials/support you get?

  • Live, interactive sessions with opportunities to raise your doubts and get them clarified directly from the teacher.
  • Access to recordings of classes (both video and audio) which you may access anytime for repeated listening or catching up with missed portions.
  • Presentations used for the classes in PDF format.

What are the prerequisites to get the best out of this course? (Eligibility)

This course expects a good knowledge of Sanskrit language and grammar. Hence, we request you to fill out the above form by clicking. Apply for this course and provide complete details of your background in Sanskrit. The applications will be screened and eligible applicants will have to pass an entrance test to gain admission to the course. 

To be eligible for this course, you must have passed any one of the following Sanskrit exams.  
  1. Kovida (Level 4) exam of Samskrita Bharati exams
  2. Samartha (Level 4) exam of Chittoor exams
  3. Turiya (Level 4) exam of Surasaraswathi Sabha
  4. Level 4 exam of Samskritasri Pathamala
  5. Prak-Shastri exam of CSU or NSU
  6. Kavya exam of Directorate of Sanskrit Education, Karnataka
  7. Laghu Siddhanta Kaumudi Part 1 exam conducted by Vyoma Samskrta Pathasala
  8. Any other graduate level exam with Sanskrit as a language
Please keep a scanned copy of your certificate from any of the above exams ready before filling the form. You will need to upload the certificate along with the form.

Entrance Test 
In addition, you will need to take up an Entrance test for the course. The entrance test is intended to maintain a minimum level of uniformity among the students so that we can deliver the course effectively.

Once you complete your registration, you will receive a link to attend the Entrance Test in the next few days. Entrance test will be held on 10-11 June, 2023. The exact time and other details will be communicated by Email.

The Entrance Test will be an Online Test with 50 Multiple Choice Questions, covering the basics of Sanskrit language and grammar - knowledge of noun forms and verb forms, sentence construction, vibhaktis and lakaaras, basics of sandhis and samaasas, prayogas.

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