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नित्योपयोगिसंस्कृतपदानां परिचयः भागः – ३

Sanskrit Vocabulary for Daily Use - Part 3

This free webinar course is designed to build your children’s Sanskrit Vocabulary as a joyful journey. This course will help in learning words from different categories like numbers, agriculture, trees and plants, leaves, grains, sports, musical instruments, directions, time, nature, natural occurrences, food, things at home, clothes, cooking instruments and also a list of verbs that can be used associatively with the different noun categories to help read and form simple sentences. The course is delivered by Smt. Anusha Haricharan and Kum. Vasudha Srinath, with the help of interactive, activity-based multimedia tools developed by Vyoma Labs in Two Batches -one in Indian timings (IST) another one specifically for US learners.

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About the Course

Making Learning Fun,  we welcome you to this course, where we teach you Sanskrit Vocabulary in the most playful, easy, and quick way!

What will you gain from this course? (Key Benefits / Learning Outcomes)

  • Empower your child to speak simple Sanskrit words.
  • Joyful classes with the most experienced teachers.
  • Learn Sanskrit words and the facts behind them.
  • Help them develop a love for this amazing language of Sanskrit.
  • Give your child exposure to beginner-level reading materials that help them associate and remember the Sanskrit words easily.
  • Engage them in a fun- way of learning through our thoughtfully crafted vocabulary games.

Price is only for the Comprehensive learning kit. By enrolling to this and paying the full fee you will get: -

  • Sanskrit Vocabulary Builder Book (Available as Hard Copy / Online Flipbook version)
  • Vocabulary Builder Part 1 Multimedia Tool ( Downloadable version)
  • Vocabulary Builder Part 2 Multimedia Tool ( Downloadable version)

  • Price is only for Comprehensive learning kit which is mandatory for attending the classes.

    NOTE:  Learners please click on the below mentioned link to purchase the Learning Kit-

    Abroad Learners:

    For those who have purchased the learning kit please write to [email protected] to get access for the course. 

    Indian Learners: 

    For those who have purchased the learning kit please write to [email protected] for a PROMO CODE to register for the course. 

    What are the materials/support you get?

    • The course will be conducted for 16 weeks with opportunities for interaction with the teacher.
    • Doubt clarifications directly and through Email.

    What are the prerequisites to get the best out of this course? (Eligibility)

    • Children from 5 up to 14 years can participate (parents may accompany where required)
    • No prior knowledge of Sanskrit is required. However, knowing to read the Sanskrit alphabets is an added advantage to self-play the games. Even otherwise, it will be a guided effort. The medium of instruction will be English.

Visual Design Sanskrit Vocabulary for Daily Use - Part 3

About the Teacher

Know More about the Course

1. Will I get the recordings of the live classes?
We do not provide recordings of the live classes. These sessions are based on Vyoma's learning product ' Vocabulary builder-1, Vocabulary builder-2. These multimedia learning materials can be used as self learning materials and the live classes are only a facilitative guidance to children.
Hence we do not upload the recordings in the course page.

2. But why do we record our live sessions?
It is for internal quality purposes.

3. What if I have missed to attend any of the previous Vocabulary courses Part 1 or Part 2 ?
The child can very well continue to attend from Part 3 onwards. As regards vocabulary, there is no fixed route to learning. Learning new words can be started at any time and the child can catch up on the missed out parts with the help of the learning kit and live sessions will also be scheduled for Part 1,2 and 3 in the future in a cyclic manner.

4. What if my child does not know to read and write in Sanskrit?
It is not mandatory for the child to know. However, knowing to read Sanskrit will be an added advantage to help the child to self- play the multimedia games. We are also coming up with a basic Level 1 Sanskrit course which will help children with these basic R/W skills.

5. What if my child is too young to self-attend the sessions?
We have seen from our experience in our previous sessions that children as young as even 4 or 5 years old are very much capable of quickly grasping the words even better than the older children. But the strong pillar of support here is parental or adult accompaniment which we'd recommend.

6. What constitutes the learning kit for the Vocabulary courses - Part 1,2 and 3?
i.  Sanskrit Vocabulary Builder book - Saṃskṛta Śabdasampadvardhinī - Flipbook
ii. Vocabulary builder 1 - multimedia tool
iii. Vocabulary builder 2 - multimedia tool
https://digitalsanskritguru.com/product/sanskrit-vocabulary-for-daily-use/?v=c86ee0d9d7ed Click on the link to Purchase.
8. How do I download and use the learning kit?
Once you enroll , the learning kit for the course that you've purchased will be made available in the 'Content page' of the course that you've taken. Follow the below mentioned steps to download the multimedia products. 
a. Kindly click on the download link.
b. The download will start in the browser.
c. Wait until the download completes.
d. After completing the downloads click on the downloaded files in Your system's Download Folder.
e. Select & Right Click on the downloaded files.
f. Extract the downloaded files.
g. Then the Extraction Process will start. Please wait until it finishes.
h. Double click on the downloaded Folder.
i. Double click on the webhtml5 Folder.
j. Double click on the story_html5 application.
k. Finally the product will be opened.

9. What if I have purchased one or two items of the kit and need only wherever is left?
Please submit the proof of purchase( order number) of your previous purchase and write to us your new purchase requirement of what you need. Please write to [email protected]

10. I do not find the link in the course page to automatically join the Zoom meeting sessions.
This is a product based course. The course is free but purchase of the learning kit is mandatory.
Those who make the product purchase or those who e-mail us the proof of previous purchase will only be able to attend the live class/session. You will get the "JOIN NOW" button in your Dashboard upon Login.

Course Content

To access the content please enrol to the course and go to ‘My Account’/ Learning page.