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Stotra - Parayanam (Chanting)

Bhagavad Gita - Flipbook to learn 700 shlokas

A Bhagavadgita flipbook (Non-downloadable E-book format with easy navigation for a comfortable online reading experience) with a collection of 700 shlokas organised into 18 sections based on aunthentic traditional sources, for maximum benefits of those who chant it near to accuracy. It contains a unique methodology of splitting Sandhi-s in the four quarter format that enables one to chant the entire first and second pada(third and fourth pada also)together. It also has the homa-vidhi specific to the verses adopting a traditional style of the Sanatana Dharma.

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  • Sandhi-joined-pāda-s to facilitate seamless pārāyaṇa
  • Sandhi-split at pāda level for beginners' learning
  • Large bold font to read the verses easily
  • Guide to appreciate the nuances of Samskṛta pronunciation
  • Includes Dhyanaśloka-s, Māhātmyam, Āratī, Pārāyaṇa & Homavidhi
  • Chapter Summaries to imbibe the flow of Gītā
  • Alphabetical Index of verses with adhyāya- śloka reference
  • Step-by-step e-learning resources with QR codes to internalise Gītā-tattva
Visual Design Bhagavad Gita - Flipbook to learn 700 shlokas

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